We are welcoming new members to join us for 2022. We have planned for a busy year filming and telling stories
This community is created to help you achieve your goal of working professionally in the screen industry of Australia. Whether you have an idea for a documentary, a web based idea that always wanted to produce, a script you want some feedback on or simply need help writing a grant application, here you will find support and courage. We will spring your creative career and help you connect with other storytellers and artists.

Some of the things to be excited about becoming a member of our community are:

🎥 We are in pre-production of a documentary and we will be filming in march 2022
🎥 ‎We are preparing a networking event  where you will meet people who are already working in the industry and learn from their experience
🎥 A group of likeminded people free of judgment. A community of creatives  helping latins tell their stories.

Leave us a message to register your interest.
Thank you!
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