Welcome to 'Latinx Filmmakers Spotlight', a dedicated section on our website that illuminates the extraordinary contributions of Latinx filmmakers who are making waves within the dynamic landscape of the Australian screen industry. This curated space is a celebration of the rich tapestry of stories, voices, and perspectives that Latinx creators bring to the forefront of Australian cinema.
Augusto was born in San Juan, Argentina at the foot of the mighty Cordillera de los Andes. His life got a plot twist when his family moved to Australia where he found his passion to tell stories at 24 fps. His lingering roots of his Argentinean origins feed his creative world and his romantic and passionate sensibility always push his stories towards the challenges of understanding the human heart.

Having a solid academic formation, Augusto is alumni of the Queensland School of Film and Television, Griffith Film School and the Sydney Film School. Currently, he is doing his Masters in Moving Images at the University of Sydney.

Congratulations to Augusto who wrote and directed the short film "Tony's Dream'
You can read the interview VER MAS did to Augusto recently here:

Augusto Garcia and Oliver Madigan on set for 'Tony's Dream'

Photo: Julia Firak

In our Latin Filmmaker Spotlight, we are thrilled to highlight the incredible talent of David Valencia, a Colombian-born stage and screen actor, writer and director based in Queensland.
David, has recently been announced as one of the participants of the Australians in Film’s development Lab ‘Untapped 2023’. The Development Lab consists of group and individual sessions, with each participant given a professional mentor, script advisor and pitch coach, plus an invitation into the AiF alumni network, which consists of Australia’s leading and award-winning content creators.
David will work on his Comedy/Drama Feature ‘Here, Now’, telling the story of
struggling first-time parents Daniel and Sophie who are determined to do the best by their young daughter with special needs — all while trying to survive each other, their families, a bizarrely-themed birthday party and a rather unexpected arrival. 

Congratulations to David, we can’t wait to see ‘Here, Now’ getting green-lit for production.
Natalia Cricri was born in Argentina and migrated to Australia in the early 90s. After completing her Bachelor’s of Performing Arts at Nepean Theatre, Natalia went on to complete a Master’s in Education with a major in Drama. Her debut role as a film director, producer and writer of ‘An Eight Letter Word Starting with A’ won her the Emerging Talent Award at the Canberra Short Film Festival and Best Director at the London Indie Short Film Festival
Her short film "Two Dollars"has been honored with the Chairperson's Award at the Multicultural Film Festival '23 in Victoria, Australia. It also received recognition as the Best Australian Film and the Audience Choice Award at the Illawarra Short + Sweet Film Festival in New South Wales.

Daniel Guerrero was born in Colombia and migrated to Australia a few years ago, currently living in Brisbane and working under his production house Kontexto TV. His storytelling style continues to inspire us all. 
His short documentary 'Beyond the Cut' emerged as the winner in the Best Short Non-Fiction category at the Multicultural Film Festival in Victoria.
Fernando is a Mexican living in Sydney and he is doing a MFA Directing at NIDA. His creative vision and talent makes him one of the up and coming directors. Fernando directed the new music video for Isaac Puerile's song 'ANGEL SIGNS'.
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